Where do I register?  Click here

I’m doing the two-day ride. Where do we stay overnight?

  • We stay in the very nice, air-conditioned room at Ohio Northern University. We have dinner that night in the dining hall, and breakfast in the same facility on Sunday morning. Linen and towels are provided, if you preregister before the day of the ride.

I’m doing the two-day ride. How much cash will I need to bring?

  • You need to pay your registration fee and reach your fundraising minimum if you haven’t already ($160 for one day riders and $275 for two day riders)
  • The ride provides bike support for bike repairs, and fully stocked rest stops along the route. Lunch is provided both days.
  • At Ohio Northern University you will (potentially) need cash for beer donations, tips for massage therapists, and for raffle items.

Are washing machines available at Ohio Northern?

  • Bring change and laundry supplies if you want to use the machines.

Can I have a private room?

  • The rooms at Ohio Northern are set up as either doubles or quads. Each person has a separate sleeping room with a door. There is one bathroom for every two sleeping rooms. There is a small kitchen area and a small living room with a sofa.

What do I need to bring and how will that get to Ohio Northern?

  • Bring a change of clothes for Saturday evening including footwear; your riding clothes for Sunday; and your toiletries. Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour provides the bed, a set of linens including towels, and a small bar of soap.
  • Your overnight bag will be transported to Ohio Northern by our volunteer staff.

I have special dietary needs.

  • Please email any special dietary needs to icecream@youngdairy.com. The ride will provide vegetarian food options. We will do our best to accommodate other restrictions or will make arrangements to transport food to Ohio Northern for you.

I want to do the two day ride, but what happens if I can’t make the 83 miles?

  • If you become tired, we encourage riders to get in one of the support vehicles to rest. Often being driven to the next rest stop will give your body time to recuperate, and you can resume riding. Otherwise you can be driven to the college.
  • Also, on Sunday morning we have. “Ride ahead option” where riders are driven to the second rest stop and then complete the ride from there. Some riders underestimate how tired they will be on day two, and this option works out well. You sign up for this option at the registration desk after dinner on Saturday night.
  • Keep in mind the ride is in July and it will be HOT. Keep training regularly prior to the event and always be well hydrated.

What happens if I do not have the fundraising minimum by ride day?

  • This is a charity fundraising event and the minimums ($145 for one day and $245 for two day) cannot be waived. These minimums are mandatory and are due by ride day for participation in the event.
  • Start your fundraising efforts early. Ask coworkers, neighbors and friends for contributions. Make your ask personal. How have you or your family been impacted by Alzheimers’s – Juvenile Diabetes – a physical or mental disability? And then explain how one of the charities has helped your family cope with this problem. Other ideas – host a cookout and tell invitees why you ride and how it helps the community. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to your fundraising efforts.

My spouse and I both want to ride. Do we both pay a registration fee and do we both have to have the fundraising minimum?

  • Yes
  • The ride does make an exception for kids under 16 riding with their parent(s). That fundraising minimum is $50.

Can I register the day of the ride for the two day ride?

  • Yes.  However you will need to bring your own bed linens. Early registration is encouraged so that the volunteer staff and the college can be prepared for rooms, food, etc. for the correct number of riders.

Can I leave before the official start time?

  • Yes, however keep in mind that road support and rest stops are planned for the official start times, so you will be riding unsupported and at your own risk.
What are the route choices?

There are five different routes, depending on how far you want to ride. One day options are 28 miles and 48 miles. Two day options include 61 miles/day, 83 miles/day or 83 miles/day with 100 mile option on Saturday.  All distances are approximate as slight changes may happen due to last minute road conditions, construction, etc.

When and where is the start of the ride?

The main Ride starts at 8am Saturday. Check-in and registration opens at 7am at the TWO SMALLER PICNIC SHELTER at Young’s Jersey Dairy, located between The Dairy Store and Udders & Putters Miniature Golf. Please arrive at least 45 minutes early to allow time for registration so we can all start at the same time. A continental breakfast will be available. If you are parking your car overnight, please unload at the picnic shelter then park in the field across the road (on the west side).

Two day riders check your tagged luggage at the picnic shelters at Young’s – bring your luggage to the luggage van.  You will get your luggage when you arrive at Ohio Northern University.  Please tag your luggage with your name.
The one day ride is on Sunday and starts at 10 AM, with registration starting at 9 AM. Lunch is provided to all two day riders and one day riders either at Young’s or on the route (lunch in Urbana near the bike path). All riders will return to the TWO SMALLER picnic shelter area at Young’s at the end of the ride on Sunday for ice cream.
If I raise a lot more money for the four charities, is there some reward for my hard work?

Yes.  As an added incentive to those who raise charitable donations in excess of the minimum amounts, Top Fundraisers may qualify for a Top Prize or choose a Prize from our Fundraiser Prize Catalog!

How much did the ride donate to the four charities last year? 

We were able to donate $90,000 to our charities in 2019.  A total of $1,342,400 has been donated to our charities from the Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour – thanks to our riders, volunteers and sponsors!

How about the route – where do I sleep?  

Two day riders will be served lunch on the route to Ada on Saturday, Young’s ice cream at Ada, dinner at Ohio Northern University Saturday night, breakfast on Sunday morning, lunch on route on the way back to Young’s on Sunday, and more ice cream at the picnic shelters at the end of the ride. Two day riders – bring a change of clothes for the evening, a fresh set of cycling clothes for the next day, and any articles or toiletries you may wish to have. We will have a van for transporting your tagged luggage.

Towels,washcloth, linens for the bed, soap and very nice air conditioned dorms are provided for you at Ohio Northern University.
Are there rest stops?  What about ride support?
Yes!  On both one day and two day rides, there are rest stops, staff by volunteers of each charity.  The two day ride has five rest stops on the way to Ada, the one day ride has one or three rest stops, depending on how far you ride.  There are several vehicles and motorcycles that drive the route during the rides that are there to help if needed.  A great group of ham radio operators keep an eye on us, also.  Our overall ride support is the best there is!
Rider Tips from Grant Stumpf – a long time rider & volunteer committee member! 
1.  Hydration:
Here are some pointers for warm weather riding.  You will lose water through your skin as you ride.  You may not feel as though you sweat much….that is because sweat is evaporating as you ride.  Keep the Fluid levels high during your ride…..water is best with some food as you ride.  Resist the urge to fill up on gatorade or other like liquids.  Nothing wrong with a little Gatorade, but too much can give you stomach problems and inhibit water uptake a little bit……..
A few days before the ride start to think about hydration…..drink water….drink water….drink water…..then before bed….drink water.  If you wake up Thursday night and/or Friday night to pee a couple times….you are ready!.  Road rules:
Wear your helmet!  Stay to right when possible, but again, don’t make this safe route UNSAFE for others around you by YOUR actions.   If you are passing someone, make sure the road is clear of cars (from behind or in front) and let people know you are passing….nothing wrong with passing or being passed, some people are naturally faster than others…..just let them know.   Be cautious around corners and when cresting hills, even rollers.  If you are too far left and a car comes the opposite way a little left of center on a hidden curve or hill….could be a possible unsafe condition.  Use your noggins and again…common sense is best.3.  Path Rules:
We use the bike path for 1-day riders and as the return route for our 2-day riders from the lunch stop in Urbana.  Simply pedal the marked route to Urbana on Sunday, and cruise down the path from Urbana to Yellow Springs (Young’s).  The path is not without some dangers. The path can be a great experience and a little easier on the legs as far as climbing  is concerned.  Use similar rules that you used on the road, allow faster cyclists a passing lane, give on-coming cyclists room to pass by (especially on narrow parts of the pathway).  Do not ride more than 2 abreast.  Watch for other trail users, skaters, dog on leashes, dogs OFF leashes…  Now, I really doubt we will have any issues on the bike path, if we don’t clog it up.  If a large group of riders takes off all at once, make sure you fall into some sort of line…or wait a few minutes and let the path clear….you will probably have it all to yourself.  I do not personally recommend “drafting” on any bike path.Overnight Stuff to bring:
Not an exhaustive list….but a few items to consider…….
Clothing to wear Saturday evening….casual, comfortable, light…maybe a light sweater/jacket for later in the evening.
Bike clothing for Sunday!
Toiletries and any items you specifically require (contacts etc.)
You do not need towels or linens IF you signed up by Monday evening…. now, those signing up later this week will have a great room, but you need to bring your own linens and towels……Ohio Northern orders up the towels and linens early in the week!……..

Keep drinking water throughout the evening; it will pay off big on Sunday’s route home!